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In the Service of Deen
by Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb (rahmatullah alayh)

Those who are involved in some service of Deen, should consider their likeness to the guards who protect the Palace of the King.

The guards understand that the King is not in need of their service. The King’s resources are such that he can easily replace any one guard with a hundred more, or a thousand more guards. A guard thus considers it his good fortune to be accepted by the King and to be in his service.

In the same vein, those involved in the Khidmat of Deen, have been selected from millions to serve the Deen of the King of Kings, Allah Ta’ala. They are defending and guarding the Deen of Islam or they are propagating the Deen.

We should thus consider ourselves as most fortunate, that despite us not deserving such a privilege and despite our deficiencies and failings, Allah Ta’ala is using us for some service or the other. We must understand that this is entirely the Ihsaan of Allah Ta’ala.

We should not forget that Allah Ta’ala is not in need of us and can easily replace each one of us with an entire nation, to be in the service of Islam. Allah Ta’ala, in fact, expresses this independence and sovereignty:

 “…And if you turn away, He will replace you with another people; then they will not be the likes of you.”
[Surah Muhammad 47 : 38]

Appreciation should be continuously expressed for the great favour of being in the service of Deen; forgiveness should be sought for our shortcomings and inadequacies, and Dua should be made for acceptance in the Court of Allah Ta'ala.

We should not seek worldly gains because the rewards of Allah Ta’ala encompass the best of both worlds, for those who are Mukhliseen (sincere ones).




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