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Jumuah Lectures (Bayaans) By Maulana Yunus Patel

Below is a list of years that we have archived our Jumuah Lectures section of our website. Please select the year of interest. Alternatively if you are looking for a specific topic please click here to search our website.


1st Quarter 1999

2nd Quarter 1999

3rd Quarter 1999

4th Quarter 1999

1st Quarter 2000

2nd Quarter 2000

3rd Quarter 2000

4th Quarter 2000

1st Quarter 2001

2nd Quarter 2001

3rd Quarter 2001


2nd Quarter 2002

3rd Quarter 2002

4th Quarter 2002

1st Quarter 2003

2nd Quarter 2003

3rd Quarter 2003

4th Quarter 2003

1st Half 2004

2nd Half 2004

1st Half 2005








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>>Monday 17th April,Islamic Economics Prog by Mufti Ebrahim Desai Sb, @7:50pm-Insha Allah <<<










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