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Dua for Seeking Forgiveness

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O my Allah, have mercy upon us. We are extremely sinful servants. Day and Night, we have disobeyed You. We have used Your bounties and gifts for Your disobedience.

O Allah, we use the wealth that You have given, for Your disobedience.

O Allah, we have used the sight, the hearing and the speech that You have blessed us with, for Your disobedience.

…O Allah, we have used the life which You have blessed us with, for Your disobedience.

O Allah, when we go to hospitals, we see some people paralyzed and some attached to different tubes and machines …yet O my Allah, we do not take any lesson. We do not appreciate Your bounties.

O Allah, Your bounties rain upon us 24 hours of the day.

O Allah, despite our sins, You are giving us so much to eat and so much to drink; You are giving us clothes to wear and modes of transport to travel in.

O Allah, You provide food, clothing and shelter for us.

O Allah, our lives are in Your Control.

O Allah, You keep our hearts, our kidneys, our livers, our lungs and our limbs functioning.

O Allah, You have granted us Imaan, without any sacrifice, and yet we show no appreciation.

O Allah, in spite of our ungratefulness, in spite of our disobedience and sins, You continue to shower Your Bounties and Favours upon us.

…If there was another Allah, He would have destroyed us by now; He would have shaken the earth beneath our feet; He would have ordered the earth to swallow us; He would have sent the wind to destroy us; He would have made us blind by now; He would have made us deaf and dumb by now; He would have paralyzed us by now …for we have indulged in so many sins.

… Although we know, O Allah, that for some people blindness, deafness, dumbness, paralysis and illnesses are tests and means of elevation of status, but O Allah, how difficult life would have become without these bounties. …O Allah, how Merciful You are, that You did not snatch away these gifts and You did not destroy us.

O Allah, as great as is Your beautiful name, forgive us.

O Allah, open the floodgates of Your Rahmat

and Forgiveness.

O Allah, if we have to ask, repeatedly, of human beings, they become annoyed, angry and displeased.

O Allah, if we have to ask of You, then You become happy and pleased. …The more we beg of You, the more pleased You become.

O Allah, if we don’t ask of You, then You become displeased.

O Allah, it is not a shame; rather an honour and privilege to beg of You.

…O my beloved Allah, the pious and the righteous come to You with their Ibaadat, with their tilawat and Zikr (Praise of Allah Ta'ala), with their piety and their good deeds.

O Allah, we come to You with our sins.

O Allah, our sins are like the mountains, but O Allah, we cannot despair of Your Mercy, for You have declared in the Qur`aan Sharief : ‘Do not despair of the Mercy of Allah…’.

O Allah, man has made dynamite sticks, which blow up huge mountains…

O Allah, …What is it difficult for You to blow away our mountains of sins?

O Allah, forgive our sins.

O Allah, we have made our hearts into dirt bins.

O Allah, we have filled our hearts with malice, with greed, with pride, with arrogance, with evil desires and passions…

O Allah, evil desires and passions have engulfed our hearts.

O Allah, we watch so much of Haraam

, we listen to so much of Haraam, we speak so much of Haraam, we indulge in so much of Haraam that our hearts have become dark and pitch black.

O my beloved Allah, a guest would not like to stay in a room in which there are dead bodies, dead cats and dead rats…

…Then O my Allah, how can You, Pure as You are, come into hearts like ours; filled with the filth of pride, jealousy, malice, greed and other corpses ? …But O Allah, who is there to purify our hearts, beside You?

O Allah, if the world’s waste goes into the waters of the oceans, the oceans still remain clean. …One wave is sufficient to keep everything clean.

O Allah, when we make wudhu with the waters of the oceans, our wudhu is valid; if we have to take ghusl, then that ghusl will be valid.

O Allah, Your ocean of Forgiveness is much, much, more than the oceans of this world. Just one drop from the ocean of Your Forgiveness is sufficient to wash away all our sins.

O my Allah, with one wave of Your Mercy, with one wave of Your Forgiveness – clean and purify us.

O Allah, even if our sins are more than the waves of the oceans, even if our sins are more than the grains of sand on earth, even if our sins are more than the leaves of the trees of the earth, even if our sins are more than the entire creation put together, then too Your Forgiveness is much, much, more than this.

O The Merciful, have mercy upon us.

O The Forgiving, forgive us.

O Allah, even if some dry crumbs are thrown at a dog, that dog becomes obedient to that master. …That dog does not leave the door of its master.

O Allah, we have left Your door despite using so many of Your bounties and gifts – Our sight, our hearing, our speech, our intelligence are all ne’mats from You…

O Allah, we have realized our mistake.

O Allah, we have realized our error and our sin.

O Allah, now we are turning towards You…

O Allah, there is nothing else that makes us extend our hands, except that we are hopeful of Your Forgiveness.

O my Allah, Your beloved Nabi has informed us that something that is beloved to You, is the forgiveness of the sins of the sinners.

O Allah, You are Oft Forgiving, Merciful, You love to forgive, so forgive us.

O Allah, we are acknowledging and we are confessing before You. We are not justifying our sins.

O my Allah, we may be sinful; we may be extremely sinful, but O Allah, we are Your servants. We are Your slaves.

O my Allah, whether we go east or west, whether we go north or south, whether we go deep down in the oceans or above the heavens, it is all Your Kingdom.

O Allah, we are repeatedly asking and begging of You; for there is no other door except Your door.

O Allah, if we leave You, where do we go ? …Who else is there for us, except You ?

O Allah, if we are going to become impatient and angry; if we are going to become displeased; if we are going to leave Your door, then O my Allah, which other door is there for us…?

O Allah, You are our Rabb ; You are our Khaliq (Creator), You are our Maalik (Master), You are our Razzaaq (Sustainer)…

O Allah, if a dog is kicked from one butcher, it can go to another. If a beggar is chased from one home, he can go to another. …But O Allah, if You reject us, then where do we go ? …O Allah, there is no one for us except You.

O Allah, don’t turn away Your glance of Mercy because of our sins.

O Allah, if You turn away Your glance of Mercy, then there is nothing for us but destruction in this world, destruction in the Qabr and destruction in the Aakhirah.

O Allah, forgive the sins of our eyes; forgive the sins of our ears; forgive the sins of our tongues; forgive the sins of our hands and feet; forgive the sins of our hearts and minds…

O  Allah, forgive each and every sin that we have committed.

O Allah, one major sin that we have committed is that we have stopped inviting towards good and we have stopped preventing people from doing that which is Haraam.

O Allah, instead, we invite others to Haraam and we prevent them from doing good. O Allah, we consider evil deeds as good and we consider good deeds as evil.

O Allah, we do not want to go alone to Jahannum so we pull others along with us. We invite them to zina , to drugs, to drink, to the rave clubs, to porn, to music, to casinos and to everything Haraam.

O my Allah, give us the realization that we are paving the way to our destruction and the destruction of others.

O my Allah, give each and every one of us the taufeeq of making ‘Amr bil Ma’roof and Nahy anil munkar’ – within our homes, amongst our families, in our societies, and calling – one and all – towards the Deen of Islam.

O my beloved Allah, forgive our major sins and our minor sins; forgive the sins which we committed knowingly or unknowingly, in the light of day or darkness of night.

O Allah, there is no such thing as darkness for You. …Even if there is a tiny, little black ant crawling on a black rock, in the darkest of the darkest of nights, You are aware of the movements of that ant.

O Allah, we were deceiving ourselves. …We were fooling ourselves if we thought that no one was watching when we were indulging in sins.

O Allah, do not seize us on account of our sins. Do not punish us on account of our sins.

O Allah, give us the taufeeq of sincere taubah

O Allah, from the time we have become of age till now, many, many were the sins we committed. O Allah, You could have seized us the moment we committed sins, but how Kind, Merciful and Tolerant You are that You did not seize us.

O Allah, forgive each and every one of us. Forgive our parents, our wives and children, our brothers and sisters, our family members and the entire Ummah of Rasulullah.

O Allah, do not cause any embarrassment to Your Beloved Rasul e, because of our sins.

O Allah, You love to forgive, therefore forgive us.

O Allah, if You do not forgive us, then who do sinful ones like us turn to ?

O Allah, there is no one who can question Your Forgiveness for sinful ones like us, so forgive us.

O Allah, if You forgive us then You will become pleased, Your Beloved Rasul e will become pleased and we will become pleased. The only one who will remain displeased is Shaytaan.


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