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The Sincerity of Hazrat Ali

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Once, during Jihad, Hazrat Ali, having overpowered an enemy was to strike his final blow with his sword. However, just before he could do so, this enemy spat in the face of Hazrat Ali.

Even though this created displeasure, Hazrat Ali immediately moved away, placing his sword into its sheath. Whilst he had had the upperhand and the opportunity to kill this disbeliever, he left him; not even considering that now his life was in danger. 

Such strange behaviour confused the enemy and prompted him to question Hazrat Ali : “What kind of behaviour is this ? After having insulted you, you should have killed me immediately.  I was under your sword, and helplessly at your mercy. Why did you let me go?”

Hazrat Ali replied : “All the while, I had been fighting for the pleasure of Allah. When you spat in my face, my nafs was provoked. My anger was then not sincerely for the pleasure of Allah but due to personal injury. Had I killed you, this act would have been tainted with the anger of my nafs. Allah does not accept any deed done without sincerity. I would have then been questioned, on the Day of Judgement, about whether I had taken your life for my pleasure or Allah’s pleasure.”

Hazrat Ali was prepared to become a Shaheed (martyr), but he was not prepared to accept victory whilst it was blemished with nifaaq (hypocrisy). His Ikhlaas had such an impact on the heart of this non-Muslim that he accepted Islam.

An important point had been mentioned : “…Allah does not accept any deed done without sincerity…”

Abu Umamah Al-Bahili narrated that a man came to Rasulullah and asked : “What is the reward for a person who fought in the path of Allah, seeking fame and compensation.”

The Prophet e  said : “There is no reward for him.”

The man repeated the question three times to Rasulullah . Nabi   replied : “There is no reward for him.”, and then said : “Allah accepts those deeds which were performed purely for His Sake and which were meant to seek His Pleasure.”

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