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The Aarifeen

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Therefore, Allah Ta’ala tells us in the Qur`aan Sharief :

“…Regarding Rahmaan, ask those who are aware of Him.” [Surah Furqaan 25 : 59]

If we want to know about Allah Ta’ala and His Sifats (attributes) then we have been instructed, in this ayat (verse), to ask only those who have recognised Him.

Even in the Ahadith, we have been instructed : “Certainly this knowledge is Deen, so you should see from whom you take your Deen…”

How do we then recognise those who have ‘Ma’rifat-e-Ilaahi’ ? …A mere glance at their lives will reveal their ardent love for Allah Ta’ala, and as such their fear for Him. Having recognised Him, they do not want to displease Him.

Rasulullah (SAW) recognised Allah Ta’ala the most, and he loved Allah Ta’ala the most; yet, at one and the same time, he also feared Allah Ta’ala the most.

Whilst none can attain unto the stage of Ma’rifat (Divine Recognition), Ishq (Love) and Khauf (Fear)as that of Nabi , the Auliya Allah and the Mashaa`ik of the Ummah are able to attain a distinguished degree of the same by obeying Allah Ta’ala and following in the footsteps of Rasulullah (SAW).

…Thus, when a person carelessly commits sins, then this is a clear indication that he has not recognised Allah Ta’ala, unless he is one who makes sincere Taubah. …Even a good Believer can slip and commit an accidental sin. However, he will make sincere Taubah. He will not be persistent.

To revert to our discussion on ‘kabaab’ : These Aarifeen and Ush-shaaq (lovers) of Allah Ta’ala are likened to the kabaabs that are grilled on hot, burning coal. When grilled, the aroma from such kabaabs creates appetite and desire, in all those within its reach, to enjoy the taste of such kababs.


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