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The Jurist against Shaytaan

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To elaborate on the importance of Ilm, Rasulullah (SAW) had said : “One Jurist is stronger against Shaytaan than a thousand worshippers.”

Firstly, this Hadith does not refer to ignorant worshippers. An ‘Aabid’ in the light of Shariah is one who sincerely and devotedly worships Allah Ta’ala in accordance with the Sunnah; but is not a Jurist or an Aalim.

Be that as it may, Shaytaan plots, plans, concocts and contrives various tactics and strategies to distract, obstruct and avert people from the Siratul Mustaqeem (the Straight Path). The Jurist or Aalim, having been divinely favoured with a deep understanding of Ilm (knowledge), accompanied with the noor (light) of that Ilm, as well as the noor of his Taqwa – since Taqwa is an essential factor in retaining the noor of his Ilm – is able to easily recognise the treachery and deceit of Shaytaan. He is thus able to counteract and offset the ploys of Shaytaan with mastery.

…Of course, he has to be an Aalim in the true sense of the word and not just anyone that spent a few months or years at a Madrasah, and then became known as an Aalim or Jurist.

Hazrat Ibn Abbaas had related a story which presents the security of Ilm against the Shayateen (devils).

The Shayateen say to Iblees  : “O Chief, we delight in the death of a man of knowledge more than we rejoice in the death of an Aabid (a worshipper). The man of knowledge cripples our efforts and endeavours, and the man of worship harms us not in the least.”

Iblees says : “Come with me.” They then go to an Aabid and approach him whilst he is occupied in his worship, and tell him that they wish to ask him a question. Iblees then asks : “Can your Lord put this world inside an egg?”

The Aabid hesitantly replies : “…I do not know.”

Iblees says to the Shayateen : “Do you see the weakness of this Aabid? There is doubt in his answer.”

They then call upon a man of knowledge, sitting amidst his companions, engaged in some humour and wit, and Iblees says : “We wish to ask you a question.”

  • He says : “Ask.” 
  • So Iblees asks : “Can your Lord put this world inside an egg?”
  • He replies : “Yes.”
  • Iblees asks : “How so?”

The man of knowledge says :

“His command when He desires a thing, is that He says to it : ‘Be!’ and it is.” [Surah Ya`seen 36 : 82]

Iblees then addresses the Shayateen, and says : “Whilst the Aabid does not have any effect and influence beyond himself, this man of knowledge and insight separates and alienates much of the world from me.”

…The Ulama-e-Haq are a means of security and protection for the Ummat but unfortunately, they are not appreciated and valued as they should be.

Once again, I am referring to the Ulama-e-Rabbaniyyeen; Ulama who practise on their knowledge.

Sheikhul Hadith, Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya (Rahmatullah ‘alaih)  had presented in one of his literary works, the following statement of Hazrat Umar : “The death of one thousand devoted worshippers of Allah, who continued in prayer throughout the night and fasted during the day, is lighter upon the Ummat than the death of one Aalim (of Haq) who is acquainted with what is lawful and unlawful in Shariah.”


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