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Islamic Duas for Guidance and Reformation

“Anyone amongst you whose doors of Dua have opened, in reality the doors of blessings have opened for him. …” [ Ahadith ]

Duas from Books written By Maulana

Salaat & Salaam by Maulana Yunus Patel

Treasures from the Quran : This booklet is a compliation of some of the Treasures from the Quran, Hadeeth & Proven Prescriptions for the Death with Iman.

“Dua is the weapon of a Believer, the pillar of Deen and the noor of the heavens and earth.” [ Ahadith ]


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>>Monday 17th April,Islamic Economics Prog by Mufti Ebrahim Desai Sb, @7:50pm-Insha Allah <<<










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The footprints of the of the Beloved of Allah, Nabi Muhammad (SAW) is the road to Jannat; the sunnats of Rasulullah (SAW) connect with Allah Ta'ala

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