Dua for Freedom from Debts


Dua for Freedom from Debts

O my Kareem Allah, remove the problems of those who are in financial difficulties.

O Allah, all those who are in debts, provide for them plentiful of Halaal rizq so that they may get themselves out of their debts.

O Allah, ‘Why should we go towards Haraam, when there is no shortage of Your Treasures of Halaal'?

O Allah, You are our Provider; You are our Sustainer.

O Allah, You provide for the birds; You provide for the fish deep down in the oceans; You provide for the animals in the jungles and You provide for us also'

O Allah, then why should we steal? ‘Why should we get involved in fraud and embezzlement? ‘Why should we borrow from banks on interest ?

O Allah, our homes are on interest; our carpets are on interest; our cars are on interest; our clothing is on interest; our shoes are on interest'

O my Allah, where can Rahmat then descend?

O my beloved Allah, give us that realization that Rahmat cannot come until we get rid of Haraam from our lives.

O my Allah, bless us with plenty of Halaal rizq and sustenance, and get us out of all debts we may be in.

O Allah, grant us barkat in our rizq and provide for us from sources unknown to us.”