After Ramadan


After Ramadan

The blessed month of Ramadan came like seasonal rain and passed by. This rain did not water the plants and crops – it showered upon the hearts of the Believers. It is sad but true that the hearts of the majority of Muslims were stricken with spiritual drought and spiritual decadence. It was a drought caused by excessive indulgence in un-Islamic activities, immoral behaviour, unjust actions, unfair dealings, etc. 

Drought caused by lack of rain destroys crops – drought caused by lack of piety, fear of Allah Ta'ala, and lack of Allah-Consciousness destroys the spirituality of the heart.

Ramadan's spiritual rains brought to life the Masajid and other prayer places. Ramadan had fanned the dying spark of charity. Ramadan had awakened the spirit of tolerance, patience and sympathy for the less fortunate.


Now that we come to the end of Ramadan, the big question is: What to do?

Did we go through all the spiritual exercises in Ramadan so that we may have the freedom to indulge, on Eid day, in all types of immoral, shameless and indecent entertainment and amusement?

Did we restrain ourselves from Halal food, drinks and other pleasures from dawn to sunset throughout Ramadan so that we may return with renewed vigour to gambling, drinking, adultery and fornication?

Will the spirit of tolerance, mercy, patience, charity, sympathy and the nurtured quality of piety and Allah-Consciousness still be evident, or will these noble qualities be shelved until the dawn of the next Ramadan?

Will the Masajid, which were filled on most nights in Ramadan, remain the same, or will they become empty, wondering where the faithful have gone? Our lifestyles after Ramadan will show whether we used the month to bring about a total reformation within ourselves or whether we wasted the valuable opportunity.


The National and international position of the Muslim communities is something we are all acquainted with. Muslims are lamenting the loss of lives, destruction of property, oppression, tyranny, injustice and a host of other problems afflicting Muslims all over the world. They are questioning why the promised help of Allah Ta'ala to the Believers is nowhere in sight. 

However, just one glance into the lifestyles of the overwhelming majority of Muslims is sufficient to answer the question. Millions of Muslims do not have much to their credit besides Muslim names.


Allah Ta'ala's help comes with ‘Amal (action) and true Islamic qualities, not with names or faces – or whether Arab or non-Arab, African or European, Chinese or Indian. On the other hand, every group, organization, society or individual who talks about Islam seems to have got its own brand of Islam. The Islamic teachings which were left behind for us, crystal clear and pristine pure, have become so adulterated with foreign customs, alien practices and un-Islamic ideologies that a new Muslim has to make an effort to search for the Qur'an and Sunnah brand of Islam or remain confused and ignorant.


May Allah Ta'ala grant us Hidayah and grant us the ability to make the Qur'an and Sunnah our guiding lights and practise Islam as much as possible. If the non-Muslim inhabitants of our country see Islam in the lives of Muslims, they will not require much persuasion to accept our beautiful Deen, Aameen.