Special Programmes

Special Programmes

Radio Islam interview from Madinah Munawarrah. .
CII interview.
Heart melting rendition by Hazrat of Kwaja Saheb's "Musalmano ootoe...Anjaagho" The West have raided our homes and stolen our culture, while we are sleeping - Wake Up - So much…
Radio Islam interview.
Cont. Incident of Muhammad bin Husain Bhagdadi who purchased a slave girl who the master said was mad - Her poetry and passing away
CII interview.
CII interview.
Qillatut Ta'aam, Qillatul Kalaam, Qillatul Manaam & Qillatul Ikhtilaafi Ma'al Anaam
Hakim Sahebs poetry: Senkro zakh me hasrat me shada.. Diff kinds of worries I was in, but in all I was happy - Total submission - A person who does…
More important than wazifas and taweez is the need to make deep hearted dua.Beautiful example of how our Nafs has stolen all the good qualities that our Soul had,as explained…
The duas of Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) indicate that there is nothing wrong in asking for Dunyah but the objective must be the Hereafter.
CII interview.
Thought provoking Majlis on how everything has an effect and affects the heart . Also how a person should banish Ghaflat(negligence) from his life and be alert.
These days Allah Ta'ala has kept the sweetness of Imaan in resisting the temptation to Sin. Hazrat reads Hamd of Bari Ta'ala "Ya Rabb tu mere dil me Apna khiyaal…
Inspiring explanation of a Hamd of Allah Ta"ala which increases the desire to visit the Baitullah. "Karam se oonke mere saamene oonka haram aya....
Mooi River Islaahi Jalsa Plenty of Ilm, Uloom, .. but Amal comes with the Sohbat of Mashaikh - Ghuna chor doe - give up sins - Dont Do Sins -…
Explanation of Naath Sharif " Zamee par Madina..." as much as a person's nisbat is with Nabi (sallallahualaihi wasallam), that will be his true value.
Radio islam interview.
The purpose of Seerah is to make an effort to introduce the Character of Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) into our lives. One major example is his Tolerance, which requires us…
CHANNEL ISLAM Interview: Guidelines to a happy marriage. Importance of making out a Shari Will. Be aware of what your children are doing.
Hazrat reads beautiful poetry expounding the outstanding qualities of the leader of both the worlds, creating love of Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) and Madinah Sharif in the heart.
(undated) Dua of Yunus (AS) - Is Allah complicating my Affairs?
Dua of Yunus (AS) cont
(undated) Nikah Majlis Nikah is a serious matter - Do not go by the book of rights
(undated) Majlis for young girls Purpose of Stay-ins at the Madrasa - Address to young daughters.. - Incidents of people in the "fast lane" - Life will not be boring…
New Years programme of Qiraat, Naat, Talk, Zikr and dua. Don't follow the ways of the non muslims.
We need to see the occasion and see the person we are advising - Naseehat of Jalaaluddin Rumi - A King with one son looking for wife ... - Many…
Poetry: "Balagal Ulaa Bi Jamaalihi..." Heart touching poetry and explantaion on the beautiful qualities of Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) and Nabi sallallahu alaihi wasallam)'s anxiousness for our Imaan and Islah.
Hypocrisy is a science that we have learnt to mislead people. Importance of correcting our zaahir (inner self).
Importance of removing Hypocrisy in our actions.Today we have limited Islaah(self rectification) only to our outer selves.
EID GAH at ORIENT SCHOOL: Our dealings with non-Muslims and not our prayers is what will attract them to Islam. Today we have a death of truthfulness in our lives.
Explanation of poetry of Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (daamat barakatuhum). This is not just any romantic poetry. Achieve a change in your heart by keeping the company…
SPECIAL PROGRAMME in Welkom: Never let the praises of people get to our heads. Never have our gazes on the Wealth of others. The Harmful effects of movies, TV & music.…
Kroonstad Egs of 2 people who accepted Islam Eg of a signboard chocolates for rats in Karachi - Muqaddar Naat Shareef by Qr Tayyab Saheb - Nabi Akram .. Muslims…
Naath sharief is a form of Ibadat to light up the fire of love of Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) in our hearts. Heart rendering recitation of a salam at the…
Poetry: "Ya Jibalal Haram..." anticipation of reaching Madinah Sharif.
EID GAH Programme at Orient School: We should feel the Pain of all those afflicted in different parts of the world. Various examples of how the companions of the Holy…
Interview with Channel Islam: Interview on profile of Hazrat Maulana and life and achievements.
LAYLATUL BARA'AT PROGRAMME: We have been caled Ummat-e-Mahroomah because of Allah Ta'ala's unlimited Mercy upon us. The lesson of the beautiful Akhlaq of Nabi(sallallahu alayhi wasallam) from the incident narrated by…
Taaleemuddeen Jalsa - Explosion of Knowledge, now time for Amal - Ml Alimia described the progress of Islam in 3 words - Musarrad (Happiness of Sahabah after seeing the numbers…
Discussion of Hazrat Khwaja Saheb's (rah) poetry "Muslaman ke Bedaree..."
LAYLATUL ME'RAJ PROGRAMME: Incident and lessons of Me'raj. Justification of sin especially with world cup. We are making Salaat like a football. Science and technology has made it easy for us…
Explanation of Tawfeeq. Simple prescription of Mujadid-e-Millat (rahmatullah alayh).
(Girls Prog) Q & A - Parents forcing Purdah -Hypocrisy - Forcing towards sins - dressing
Youth Prog (Girls) Islams Laws are not like that of Kuffaar - Jalaluddin Rumis example of Falcon that went by the owls
Saturday Majlis Ashaar on the wall of Ml Thawis Khanqah room - Reh ke dunya me bashar.. person in this world should not be in ghaflat Zikr & Dua
Poetry of Hazrat Khwaja Saheb (rahmatullah alayh) "Musalamano Uthau Bahre Amal Tayaar hoh jahoo". The enemies are entering our homes with a big din and stealing our Islamic lifestyle and…
Naseehat of Hazrat Maulana Wasiyyullah Saheb (rahmatullah alayh).
Explanation of Ghalib's poetry changed by Shah Muhammad Ahmad Saheb (rahmatullah alayh) and how to attain Isqh (Love) of Allah Ta'ala.
Our belief in the supremity of Sunnah and Shariah must not be dependent on scientific proof. Poetry of Hazrat Maulana Hakeem Akhtar Saheb (daamat barakaatuhum) on Madinah Sharif.
Bay'at How to retain the Noor?
SPECIAL PROGRAMME in STANGER: A lesson from torch cells. The need for a spiritual recharge. A dua taught to Hazrat Abu Bakr (radhiyallahu anhu) by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Lesson from…
University of Natal Advices to a Revert taking Shahaadah
Interview on Channel Islam against the upcoming World Cup craze.
Poetry: "Saaqiya Jaame Ulfat Pilade..." - A detailed explanation of the purpose of the relationship between a Mureed and his Shaikh.
Nikah Bayaan given by Hazrat Maulana at KZN Ijtima in Phoenix, Durban.
JUMU'AH FROM KARACHI : Bayaan in Urdu.
SPECIAL PROGRAMME : Khwaja Azizul Hassan Majzoob (rah). His high level of Spirituality. The Kaifiyaat these Ahlullah experience..
CHANNEL ISLAM INTERVIEW: The Harms of the Internet and the Cellphone..
SEERAH PROGRAMME: Poetry: "Us pe lakho Durood, us pe Lakho Salaam..." The importance of inculcating the Akhlaaq of Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) in our lives. The need to cleanse our heart…
Short Nasiha at Madrasa Sawlehaat Jalsa
NAATH SHARIF PROGRAMME: Poetry: "Nazar dhoonti he diyar e Madina..." Imam Malik (rah)'s love for Madina Sharif. Madina Sharif, Mount Uhud, Masjid-e-Quba and the greatness of these places.
Friday Night Naat Majlis Naat: Ajam ke bayabaa.. Fafirroo - Simple prescription to get the Muhabbat of Allah Ta'ala
10th Muharram PROGRAMME: Lessons from Ashura. Obedience to Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Example of the juicy grape. gaining forgiveness on this auspicious day.
Drinking the blood of our evil desires.
Sukun-e-Dil. Poetry: "Agar Allah walo seh..." Never ever find sukoon in sins
Urdu Bayaa- Baa Wudhu -Baa Khudaa
Urdu Bayaan (Pakistan) - Nemats of Allah
Urdu Bayaan (Pakistan) - Proper Dawah
Urdu Bayaan - When the sun rises.. Redness..
Serious about Islaah, the purpose of visiting a Shaikh.
Message to those proceedinf to Madinah Sharif. Poetry: "Taibah keh Jaane wale..."
TALK * ZIKR* DUA, PORT SHEPSTONE Act the Role & Play the Part
Eid - Dont forget the poor - Unity of Ummah will come if we hold fast to Qur'an & Sunnat
Eid Night - Advice regarding the day of Eid.
SUNDAY MORNING PROGRAMME: Morning duas and Zikr. Short explanation of Khwaja Saheb's (rahmatullah alayh's) poetry..
(on Channel Islam) Making the most of Shabe Baraat. Etiquettes of Dua. How we should make dua to Allah.
Shabe Baraat (Laylatul Bara'ah) Programme: The immense of Mercy of Allah Ta'ala |  Don't lose hope | Poetry of Khwaja Saheb (Rahimahullah): "Jaga jee lagaane..." | The categories of people…
Khwaja Saheb's poetry. How much Shukr a person should make for a Shaik-e-Kaamil.
Mayfair Jumu'ah Musjid, Jhb: Sura Takathur - No difference of opinion about death -Airport Nasihat - Rizq - Chocolate for Mr & Mrs Rat - Remembrance of Death does not…
Darul Uloom Zakariyah, Lenasia : Intro by Ml Shabir Saloojee - Naat: Hf Irshaad.. Daryaad-e-Durban - Nifaaq - Student asking why must take a Sheikh - Nasiha of Sh Fakhroddeen…
Nurul Islam Musjid, Lenasia: Pain of our heart - Shaitaan misleading even in Haram Shareef - Egs of Reverts - Poetry: Majaalhe koch..  - Dua
Roshnee Jumu'ah Musjid: Roshnee is Noor - Kwaja Sahebs Na i Roshnee - Outward lights and inside darkness - There's nothing wrong in Technology, its how we use it -…
Mayfair Jumu' ah Musjid: Some ingredient missing in our lives - Poetry: Majaal he koch...with explanation
SPECIAL PROGRAMME at Muaz bin Jabal Musjid, Crosby, Johannesburg. The last 10 Ayaat of Surah Baqarah, Meraaj and tests and trials.
NAAT SHARIEF PROGRAMME: Poetry: "Tamanna he yeh gulzare Madinah..." with explanation.
Mayfair Jumu'ah Musjid: Eg of a person who wanted a tattoo of a lion, but was not prepared to take the pain - Divert the bad thoughts - We cannot…
Mayfair Jumu'ah Musjid, Johannesburg - Hasad - Poetry of a Hindu revert - Examples of harmful effects of TV - Poetry: Na kotch maal o dowlat - Poetry: Ay mere…
SPECIAL PROGRAMME: Azaadville, Johannesburg - A lesson from the arteries clogged - The arteries of Aqaaid, Ibaadaat, Muaamalaat, Muaasharaat, etc - Statements in Hajj. Eg of what one person said…
Explanation of a malfoozat of Hazrat Hakeem Aktar saheb "Khushk waiz..." Dry speeches, If the speaker does not have noor in his heart then how is he going to rain…
NAAT SHARIF PROGRAMME: Programme on eve of departure for umrah Poetry: 'RANGE LAYEGI KAB MERI AAYE'
The purpose of bayat Poetry "SAAKIYA JAAME ULPHAT PILAADE..."
(2009 April undated) majlis for youth resistance power-holidays
Mountain-Rise Musjid (Pitermaritzburg) Talk on the seerah of Rasullallah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). He is that shining diamond and glittering star... Poetry: " Oos peh Laakho Durood, Oos peh Lakho Salaam ..."
Poetry "YA RUB KARAM SEH..." Oh Allah with your Mercy give me the best of both the worlds. The importance of keeping family ties. Our homes are like jahannam on…
Talk given to teachers and students of Orient Islamic School.
Talk on the life of Rasullallah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).... Poetry: "Bibi Aminah keh pool, us peh Laakho Durood, us peh Lakho Salaam ..."
Naat Sharif Programme: One of the ways to express our love of Rasullallah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is by reciting Naath Sharif |  The rule of muhabbat is that you don't…
LIve interview on Radio Islam...
Talk given at Durban airport on Hazrat's arrival from Karachi.
Talk given at Khanqah in Pakistan (in Urdu).
Talk given at Khanqah in Pakistan (in Urdu).
Bayan at the Khanqah, Karachi, returning from Makkah Sharif.
radio islam
Talk given at At-Taqwa boys school.
NAAT SHARIF PROGRAMME: (Jis pe hoe taa he fazle Rahmaani..) Â The gauge to determine if we are under the Shade of the Rahmat (Mercy) of Allah Ta'ala.
AASHURA PROGRAMME: Yaseen Sharif Khatam, Significance of Aashura and some misconceptions, Zikr and dua.
NEW YEARS PROGRAMME - Session 1: A Talk on Fitnahs of the environment.
NEW YEARS PROGRAMME - Session 2: Naat Sharif by Maulana Mustapha Kamil with explanation.
PALESTINE PROGRAMME: Durood & Salaam - Yaseen Shareef - Bombings in Palestine - No Human Rights - Lessons for us - Apartheid in S A - Dua
SUNDAY MORNING PROGRAMME : Morning duas, Zikr and dua.
Morning & Eve Surahs & Duas - Zikr & Dua - In 1 min a person can become a wali of Allah - Ishq
Bad Nazri - Hakim Akhtar Sahebs speciality Naat: Bas mere dil me teri muhabbath rahe...
AL FALAAH SCHOOL PROGRAMME : Address to Teachers and Students.
NAAT SHARIF PROGRAMME: The significance and reason for listen to and reciting Naats. Poetry: "Aap ka Martaba..." with explanation.
(Eid Ul Fitr) Day of Happiness - we should remember the less fortunate who is a wali (Hasan Basri)
Bay'at Prog - Naat: Saaqiyaa Jaame Ulfat (Ml Salmaan) - Explanation I want Allah, Real intention to give up sins, medication for the hatred for sin... - Bay'at Khutbah &…
EMPANGENI PROGRAMME : We must never consider ourselves better than... Throgh TV we are bringin so much evil into our homes. Our lives must be between Sabr and Shukr. Incident of…
GREYTOWN PROGRAMME: In this Majlis we sing about the Qabrastan. To make use of means is not against Shariat. At present we are gone on extremes. Don't remove the garden of…
Morning & Eve Surahs & Duas - Zikr & Dua
LAYLATUL BARA'AT PROGRAMME: Due to our laziness Allah is tapping on our door offering us an opportunity to gain His Mercy on Laylatul Bara'at. Save yourself from being from those people…
Pre-Ramadhan Programme at Mountain Rise Masjid:  We do not have steadfastness because we do not have the steam of Allah Ta'ala's love | Burn the evil desires in the furnace…
PRE-RAMADAAN PROGRAMME - Shallcross Masjid: Pre-Ramadaan Preparation - Spiritual Preparation strange is the visa of life. Join the cord of Allah's Muhabbat. Why are our duas not being accepted. Example of…
PRE-RAMADAAN PROGRAMME - Estcourt Town Masjid: Naat Sharif: "Jab zuba par Muhammad ka naam agaya... " Following Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) connect us with Allah. We are supposed to be like…
SUNDAY MORNING PROGRAMME: Morning and Evening duas, Zikr and Dua. Advices for Ramadaan.
Naat Sharif: "Naame Ahmad.." The incident of Me'raj. What is Sidratul Muntaha and its beauty? The nazr of Insan and the Khabr of Khuda. Incident of snake in Nabi (sallallahu alayhi…
Laylatul Meraj: The meaning of the word 'Subahana'. Everything is commercialised. Gift of Salaah is our connection with Allah Ta'ala.
Attach yourself to those who have Love of Allah Ta'ala.
Umhlanga Masjid: How to attain the passion for Allah Ta'ala's Love. Poetry: "Majaalehe Kuch bi kar..." Zikr and Dua..
Naat Sharif: "Ilahi dikade bahare Madinah...".
Naat Sharif: "Mubarak Thuje he yeh arze Madinah...". The Blessed land of Madinah Sharif and the Greatest Personality that rests there.
Difference between Istighfaar and Taubah and the sign of acceptance of Taubah.
Naat Sharif: "Kaha mere Kismat Tawaaf-e-Haram-...". How blessed a person is when getting an opportunity to make Tawaaf of the Ka'batullah.
Naat Sharif Majlis Poetry: Muhabbat tera Sadqah he.. - the secrets of Allah... - Tears of love - We give ourselves certificate of Jannah before exams
Naat Sharif: The purpose of going to Madinah is to save ourselves from Fitnahs not to carry those Fitnahs to those Holy lands. A Muslim must be an activist against Nafs…
Naat Sharif: "Ilahi dikade bahare Madinah ..." - O Allah show me the city of Madinah again, my heart is restless in the desire to be in Madinah.
Naat Sharif: "Ranga laiye kab mere Ayeh..." - when will these tears again bear the fruit of being in Madinah Sharif again.
Naat Sharif: "Ilahi dikade bahaar he Madinah..." burning desire to see Madinah Shareef.
What is a 'TEACHER'? Talk given to Madrasah teachers.
Association of Muslim Schools (AMS): We are looked upon as role models |  'Ulama are attending to different  cases | Good and bad habits are picked up by learners
Hifz Khatam After Asar
Dawatul Haq (UK) Im Ghazali (Rah) says 3 things are necessary when a person wants to progress in Sulook 1. Aqeeda - 2. Dealings with people (enemies or friends) -…
Musjid Zakariah Bolton
naat majlis Leicester
Barnsley Jumuah
Darul Uloom Bolton
Girls Madrasah Blackburn: Allah created Man & Jinn for worship | Television - Incidents after watching a certain programme | The Ideology to capture the mind of people | Islam…
New Year's Stay Over Programme:
Session 1 - Qiraat. The enemies have stolen our culture.. The purpose of this Majlis is to assist in staying away from the evil happenings outside. Allah Wala's turn the…
Session 2 - Zikr: "Ai mera Daata..." and Dua.
Morning Duas - Zikr - Dua _ Qasidah Burda (Ml Muhammad Saley)
food for the soul & qr m saley naats
Naath Programme: Ilahi dekade bahaare Madinah... Oh Allah Show me Madinah Sharif....
pmb ladies what is bayat
Estcourt Town Musjid: "Lazzate Zikre name he Khuda he Chamand..." | The Example of Tawaaf and the washing machine | The purpose of knowledge is to practice | The  Example…
Eid-ul-Fitr: There is no Azaan & Iqamah for Eid Salaah | Our celebration is different from other religions | Do not cause inconvenience to others | Abdullah ibn Mubarak asked…
Azaadville Jalsa
Shabe-Bara'at Programme: The virtues of this auspicious night | Consideration for others | There is no place for injustice in Islam | Dua
Laylatul Bara'ah Programme
Naat: Ye aahe sahar kaa asar dek tehe, Madine ke Shaamu.. (poet: Hk Akhtar Shb) - Result of tears for Madinah..  - The person who has recognised Allah, will not…
SUNDAY MORNING PROGRAMME: Morning duas, Tasbihaat, Dua and Nasihat.
JOHANNESBURG PROGRAMMES: After Esha Programme in Azaadville Jamia Masjid.
JOHANNESBURG PROGRAMMES: Interview on Radio Islam .
JOHANNESBURG PROGRAMMES: The true meaning of Zikrullah, the harmful effects of TV, bring Allah Ta'ala back into our lives so we may attain true Sukun-e-Dil, Zikr and Dua at Mayfair Jumuah Musjid.
JOHANNESBURG PROGRAMMES: Channel Islam Morning programme.
JOHANNESBURG PROGRAMMES: Talk, Zikr and Dua at Nurul Islam Musjid, Lenasia.
Morning Duas - Zikr - Informal Diff types of creams etc for the beautification of our bodies
SUNDAY MORNING PROGRAMME: Morning duas, Tasbihaat and dua. Problems and difficulties are expected in life, we should took solace from the lives of the Sahaba.
Poetry: "Yeh Maana Maasiyat me..." and explanation. Definitely there is some enjoyment in sin, but what kind of rebellion is this against our Creator...
SUNDAY MORNING PROGRAMME: Morning duas, Tasbihaat and dua.

Incident of a Sh ibn Arabi who had a Mureed who was a fisherman...
eveluating your spiritual progress
EFFINGHAM MUSJID PROGRAMME: "Rang laye ke kub mereh Ayeh"- The one who is madly in love with Allah ta'ala is a perfectly balanced person-The Quraan is the ladder to reach Allah…
Sunday Morning Programme: Morning duas, zikr, dua, talk with regard to the Comrades Marathon
State of Qabz & Bast (Spiritual High & Low) - Kayfiyaat
INFORMAL PROGRAMME: Islahi Poetry: "Haal, jis dil ne kiya khoone' tamanna barso..."The fragrance of burnt evil desires makes kufaar muslim". Just like how a hunter destroys the nest to bring the…
STUDENTS PROGRAMME: All the different deparments of Islam are working in the defence of Islam.They are not FARIQ (oppositions) but they are RAFIQ (companions) of each other.We have to bring the qualities mentioned in the…
12th RABI-UL-AWWAL PROGRAMME: The message of Rabi-ul-Awwal is to check our bodies from head to toe in the mirror of shariah and also to 'beautify' and light up our lives…
STANGER MUSJID: We are living in a very vicious enviroment.Hazrats reply to a person who beleived shaitaan to be more powerful thano Allah Ta'ala.Example of falcon and vultures....- ZIKR - DUA
MOUNTAIN-RISE MUSJID (Pietermaritzburg): Everybody is complaining of either oppression,suppression,recession or compression but if we fall to the Attractions and Distractionsthen ther will be only a Fraction of our imaan left....- ZIKR…
ESTCOURT TOWN MUSJID: Praises of Rasullullah(sallallahu alayhi wasallam) with eg of tattoo and lion."Do for Allah's pleasure, Allah will give you from his treasure.We have the diamond of Imaan and Islam…
ASHURA PROGRAMME: (1)The Islamic calender begins with Hijra, the lesson of struggle and sacrifice. (2) Significance of the day of Ashura (3) Lessons from the matrydom of Hazrat Hussain (radhiyallahu anhu)...and…
PROGRAMME AT SUNFORD MASJID, PHOENIX: POETRY: Rang laye gi kab meri aahe. Love for Allah. The Advices of Junaid Baghdadi (rah). Some tips for giving up drugs. The tongue, a weapon…
SATURDAY NIGHT PROGRAMME: We as muslims are so concerned about the spots on our face but we forget the spots of sins on our hearts, then we give our hearts so…
SATURDAY NIGHT PROGRAMME: Khwaja Azizul Hassan Majzoob (R.A)...Poetry: "Elahi dekadeh bahareh he Madinah" with explaination...
SUNDAY MORNING PROGRAMME: Morning duas, Zikr and Dua...
paaband -e-sunnat
PHOENIX PROGRAMME: Majlis for demisting the heart by diving into the ocean of Allah Ta'ala's magfirat."nabee-e-akram, yaad de rahee", Zikr & dua.
MAJLIS OF POETRY: Poetry of Khwaja Azizul Hasan Majzoob (R.A):- the only solution to our problems is turning towards Allah Ta'ala. The vast ocean of the ishq of Allah Ta'ala..
naat rang la e gi..when will my tears bear fruit
expressions of love
tears of longing rang lae gi
(2006 undated) naat hf ml Muhammad patel naame ahmad ye wonaamahe
Naat: Jab Zubaapar Muhammad ka naam.. (Hf Muhammad Patel) - Life will not become boring - No pious person has ever committed suicide Naat: Ae Rasule khudaa sarwale ambiyaa tu…
appreciatint the value of being a haafez
Preparation for Ramadan Poetry: Baatin me mere Yaa rab.. - There must be nothing but Allah in the heart
laylatul bara'ah lecture 1426
laylatul me'raj lecture 1426
sat nazar doen ti he ml m ibn naeem motala
sat mubarak tuje hu. ml m ibn naeem motala
sat ye sub he madeena ml m ibn naeem motala
sat mubarak tuje hu ml m ibn naeem motala
sat yaa jibalal haram & ye subhe madeena
Azaadville - Naat: Zindagi meri ho tera zikr..mera koi nahi aah tere siwaa Naat: Bi hamdillah mere dil. Naat: Mera koi nahi ahh tere siwa | Explaining Bay'at | Munaasabat…
Azaadville - Topic of our time is our reformation - Ghaflat is the sickness of the time - All our problems are because of Ghaflat Naat: Lazzate zikre naame khudaa…
Seerah - Naat: Tamannahe ke gulzar.. & explanation - True desire for Death in Madinah - Nabi ﷺ is the Qiblah of our lives - In Kruger National Park there…
sat hamare dard..
Tape conversion - Topic to be updated
Fitnahs - Taqwa - Fearing the displeasure of Allah - Shortcut route - Shaitan becomes ashamed.. - Dawaa (medication) from the Allah Walas Poetry: Agar Allah Walo se.. & explanation…
(2005 undated) Capetown Madrasah
(2005 undated) At-Taqwa Boys Madrasah
"Eid Ul Fitr Springfield Eid Gah Abdullah bin Mubarak (Rah) asked Hasan Basri (Rah) Who is a Wali?
"Laylatul Bara'ah Lecture
"Laylatul Me'raj Lecture
Tasawwuf Made Easy - Part2
Tasawwuf Made Easy - Part1
zikr Majlis zaahir me ehle dil
(2004 june or july hifz completion 4th sun esha islaahi prog)
New Year's Eve Programme | Qurbani of our sleep and evil attractions | A girl who was missing |  Hazraths 1994 Eid message (Newspaper article) about the promises before 1st…
Hifz Khatam
zms roshnee
Laudium N'imahof Imaaan & Incident of the Jew who read the name of Nabi (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam)  in the Torah and went to Madina to accept Islam only to…
Eid-ul-Fitr - Springfield Eid Gah: Spare a thought for the unfortunate - Eg of Bani Isra'il who accepted part of the teachings - Shah Ataullah Bukharis example of Dream &…
q&a after zohr - taqdeer
hifz khatam & majlis after zohr
majlis & zikr after zohr
majlis & zikr after zohr
Laylatul Bara'at Lecture
Laylatul Me'raj Lecture
12 Rabi ul Awwal - Seerah - Sacrifices of Nabi (Sal) - Naat: Ay Rasole khuda sarwere ambiyaa & explanation - Leader of all the Ambiyaa (Alaihimus Salaam) - Our…
"Ashura Lecture
Ramadaan 1420, 23rd Night
Zikr and Naath Program
(2003 undated) Radio Islam
New Year's Eve Programme | The Signs or demands of love |Tears are free; the example  of a dying dog |  New year - Jaanwar (animals) | We have 2…
Eid-ul-Fitr - Springfield Eid Gah Hold fast to the rope of Allah, The Qur'an - There is Zulm everywhere - Effects of Taqwa & Nasihat given to Hz Abu Zar…
Solar Eclipse
Laylatul Bara'at
Me'raj Lecture
Tape conversion - Topic to be updated
Saturday Program at Madrasah: Naat & Ashaar Majlis - Poetry: Saaqiyaa jaame ulfat...(A Dua, Let me drink from the Love of Allah Ta'ala) - Poety: Siwa tere koi (Muhammad Motala…

(Programme for Youth) Advice to Deeni students - I'tidaal, Ikh'tilaaf, going out in jamaat & manner of correcting others
(Programme for Youth After Asr) Kaamil Abdiyyat is when a person realises he is Muhtaaj of Allah - Antibiotic to Pride
(Programme for Youth) Advice when praises are given,  x-ray our hearts - Pride - types of Shukr & Sabr - Qaal & Haal
(Programme for Youth After Asr) Dua of Nabi (sal) regarding seeing Haqq as Haqq - Rizq is Muqaddar
Programme for Youth
(Programme for Youth After Asr) Stick to time - People must be happy with Deen
(Programme for Youth After Asr)Targheeb with Hikmat (Wisdom in advising)

Lecture to youth
Ashura Lecture
Naat & Explanation: Head in Sajdah, tears from the eyes & the waterfall of Rahmat - True Ishq
(Programme for Youth) Advice to Deeni students - I'tidaal, Ikh'tilaaf, going out in jamaat & manner of correcting others
(Programme for Youth After Asr) Kaamil Abdiyyat is when a person realises he is Muhtaaj of Allah - Antibiotic to Pride
(Majlis for Youth) Cont. Poetry on a love of Allah | Put your head in Sajdah | Obeying the command of Lord | Suicide Bombers
(Programme for Youth) Advice when praises are given,  x-ray our hearts - Pride - types of Shukr & Sabr - Qaal & Haal
(Programme for Youth After Asr) Dua of Nabi (sal) regarding seeing Haqq as Haqq - Rizq is Muqaddar
Tears of Istighfaar & correct Niyyah (Majlis for the Youth)
Programme for Youth
(Programme for Youth After Asr) Stick to time - People must be happy with Deen
Majlis for Youth
(Programme for Youth After Asr)Targheeb with Hikmat (Wisdom in advising)

Seerah -The Sahabah (Rad) never gathered on the 12th of Rabi ul Awwal to celebrate any birthday of Nabi (Sal) - Nabi (Sal) was not a "reformer" - Now no…

zikr - part1
zikr - part2
1421 - Springfield Eid - ul Fitr: Eid Salaah, no Azaan - Example of removing the dents - Example of the Sahabi (Rad) who wanted to commit Zina - Nabi…
1421 - laylatul bara'ah
Dundee: We don't make sincere Towbah - Difficulties are because of our sins.. - For who is difficulties an Azaab? - Eg on incidents after watching TV - Take the…
Majlis/Zikr - Lauduim, After Isha
Majlis/Zikr - Lauduim, After Isha
Majlis/Zikr - Roshnee, After Isha
Majlis/Zikr - Azaadville, After Isha
Tape conversion - Topic to be updated
Tape conversion - Topic to be updated
Tape conversion - Topic to be updated
tape conversion - Topic to be updated

Tape conversion - Topic to be updated

Keeping the body fit - For what am i doing this? - Niyyah, for my Ibaadat - Eg of garage (Petrol station) & "Fill it up" - Same as going…
Ashura - Fabricated Ahadith - Fasting - Proving extra for the family - Mubarak Day - Shahaadat - 
Eid-ul-Adha 1420 - Lessons of Sacrifice
Eid-ul-Fitr 1420 - Springfield: We have superficial Islam - How much of the Noor have we retained - We need to solve our own problems
Musjid-e-Noor Hifz Completion
Majlis/Zikr - Empangeni
Why Hazrath opened the girls madrasa - Advice regarding challengers of a learner - Don't worry about Criticism 
Nemats of Allah - Sabr - Shukr
Durood & Salaam - Clarification regarding Zikr program - Soorat & Haqeeat - Eg of a Lion in the Museum - Majaalis of Towbah - Junaid Baghdadi... Who is the…
Seerat of Nabi ﷺ - Church St. Musjid, PMB To talk of anything of Nabi (Sal) & Deen is Seerah  - Adbullah bin Abbas (Rad) an the Incident of the…
junction musjid
tongaat musjid

(1999 undated) Capetown
(1999 February undated) what is darul uloom & parents creating an environment
lailatul baraa
PMB - Qiraat - Naat (Aap ka martaba) - Nabi ﷺ said 6 things, if done, will guarantee you Jannah - Speak the Truth, fulfill your promise, Fulfill your trust,…
(July 1998 Undated) Walima
Laylatul Bara'ah

Seerah - Incident of the Sahabi (Rad) who buried his daughter alive - Incident of Jew that read the Towraat - Special qualities of Nabi (Sal) - Sight, hands,  of…
eid adha sprinfield
madrasa prog ml naeems 1st naat

hifz khatam
12th rabi-ul-awwal

(1995 undated) Qurbani Massail
12th rabi awal program


Palestine - Hazrath returned from Palestine - 1st went to UK for Khatme Nubuwwat conference -Palestine - Virtues - Oppression - Fear in the hearts of the Jews - Daily…


Prediction of Nabi (Sal).. - A time will come when the nations of the world will call... - Wahn.. - Love for Dunya and dislike for death - Kuffaar are…
Ladies Prog: Ramadaan - Fasting Is a protection - There are also other laws of Allah like Salaah, Zakaah, etc - Q & A