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Bay’ah & Tasawwuf

QUESTION I would like to know about Sufism. Is it a part of Islam or is it something which has just been made up by fraudulent people who are marketing it as religion ? What I hear sometimes makes me think this is a “hoax” – a money-making racket. Many talk about shaykhs, peers, taking…


Homosexual Inclinations

QUESTION I am a Muslim male who was very ‘normal’ in my nature until recently. Having watched a movie which explicitly encouraged homosexuality, I now find myself strongly attracted to other males, to the extent that it is extremely difficult to restrain the desire to engage in Haraam. I am overcome with remorse and very…


Marrying a Non-Muslim

QUESTION I am in my 20s and still not married. The Muslim boys that I know are of dubious and doubtful character, womanisers or into drugs and drink and other Haraam. Their character also leaves little to be liked. I am working with a man who is very good-natured and very kind-hearted. He also respects…


Acquiring Wealth

QUESTION I am a Hindu and want you to please foretell my future. Will I become rich in the future? I am not well off and am very desirous and ambitious of becoming a rich man. I will also like your suggestions on how to become rich.  REPLY Bismihi Ta’ala Respected Brother in Islam, Wa-alaykumus…


Intolerance When Teaching

QUESTION I am a Madrasa teacher and find myself intolerant when it comes to some of my students, especially the ones who are weaker and slower in learning. In my frustration, I sometimes insult such students and regret my behaviour. Due to their slowness, I leave off testing them.   REPLY Bismihi Ta’ala Respected Sister…



QUESTION My question is that should we believe in horoscopes and signs, because sometimes I read things about my sign and the prediction that is written for my sign upsets me, if it is something scary. I want to know whether this information is true or useless. Please clarify this. May Allah bless you.  …