Conclusion of Du`aa


Conclusion of Du`aa

O Allah, we are extremely weak. We get tired of everything, even asking.

O Allah, bless us with what we have asked and give us even that which we have not asked ‘ whatever is khair

O Allah, let the winds of Hidayat blow throughout the world, especially in this country.

O Allah, whatever time of life remains, give us the taufeeq of doing those deeds that will earn us Your Pleasure and keep us away from all those deeds that will earn us Your Displeasure.

O Allah, we know that the types of sins we indulge in, have brought complete destruction to the nations of the past. You destroyed nations in the past for the same sins we are indulging in.

O Allah, You do not destroy the entire Ummat because Your Rasul e is Rahmatul-lil-‘Aalameen.

O my beloved Allah, do not look at our sins. We are acknowledging and we are confessing that we are sinful'

O Allah, look at the tears of my beloved Rasul e.

O Allah, look at the shaan of the blood of my beloved Nabi which flowed for this Ummat.

O Allah, if You forgive us then You will make my beloved Rasul e happy, and we will be happy.

O Allah, we are pledging not to return to sins again.

O Allah, give us all, lives of respect.

O Allah, give us the realization that without turning to You, there will be no success.

O Allah, whoever has shown any kind of generosity and kindness to us, bless them with the best of rewards.

O Allah, Rasulullah (SAW) has shown the greatest kindness, thereafter the Sahaba-e-Kiraam, the Tabi`een our Asaatiza, our Mashaa`ik, our parents, wives, friends' O Allah, reward them all, with the best of rewards.

O Allah, you are well aware of each and every person's desires. Whatever good desires are in their hearts, fulfill them.

O Allah, accept our du'aa with the waseela of Your Beloved Rasul, Sayyedul Ambiyaa, Muhammad.”