Conditions for Spiritual Benefit


Conditions for Spiritual Benefit

Conditions for Spiritual Benefit
by Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb (rahmatullah ‘alayh)


The ‘Suhbat’ or company of the Auliya Allah (Friends of Allah Ta’ala) is such that even if they remain silent in their Majaalis, those who are present and who had come with sincerity will leave with Noor in their hearts.

It is via this Noor that a person makes sincere Taubah, and it is this Noor which is instrumental in creating the keen desire for change in the person’s life.

Fragrant roses in a room do not give any speech. Their fragrance imbues the room, enters the nostrils and creates pleasure in the heart. The conditions for benefiting are:
The roses must be real and fragrant, not artificial.

The people in the room must have their noses open, and their sinuses unclogged.

Similarly, the person must be a genuine Wali of Allah Ta’ala and not a fraud. The people sitting in his company must have love and respect for him and sit with an open and unbiased heart, willing to receive. People sitting in the talks of a Wali, harbouring malice against that Wali, will derive no benefit.