Dua for Death and the Hereafter


Dua for Death and the Hereafter

O Allah, we know how sinful we are. ‘O Allah, do not expose our sins.

O Allah, Out of Your Fadhl , Ihsaan and Rahmat, You have concealed so many of our sins.

‘O Allah, don't bring upon us any kind of disgrace, in this world, in the Qabr and in the Aakhirah.

O Allah, what an embarrassment that will be, on the Day of Qiyaamat, when, in front of billions, someone will rise committing zina, someone will rise stealing' because a person will die as he lived, and he will rise, on the Day of Qiyaamat, as he died

O Allah, then billions of ummaties will watch and will be witness to our sins.

O Allah, what embarrassment to Rasulullah (SAW) when his ummaties will rise in the condition of sin.

O Allah, on the Day of Qiyaamah, do not let us be an embarrassment to my beloved Rasul e.

O Allah, what has become of the Ummat'?

O Allah, the followers of Rasulullah (SAW) used to die on the plains of Jihaad , they used to die while reciting the Qur`aan Sharif, or when reading the TahajjudSalaah, or in Awwabeen and Chaast, or when making Your Zikr (Praise of Allah Ta'ala) and Ibaadat, or in a state that was not displeasing to You and Your Rasul e ‘

‘O Allah, his true followers never died in Haraam places. O Allah, now so many are dying in Haraam places.

O Allah, give us the realization that death can strike suddenly – anywhere, anytime, any place'

O Allah, we have to face You. We have to stand before You; we have to answer for our deeds and actions.

O my Allah, ‘when a person is arrested, he covers his face. When he is being led to the court, he covers his face. He does not want human beings to see his face'

O my Allah, sinful ones like us, criminals like us' O Allah, on the Day of Qiyaamah, in front of billions of other Ummaties, don't cause any embarrassment and shame to come upon us.

O Allah, we brag about our sins. Our men advertise their sins. Our women advertise their sins. Shame and Hayaa has left us. Hayaa has left our women and our children'

O Allah, we don't feel the slightest shame that pictures of our men and women appear in newspapers ‘ at cinemas, in clubs, casinos and at other Haraam places and functions'

O Allah, if Nabi had to be living amongst us and was shown such pictures, what would he have thought of us ?

O Allah, give us the taufeeq to realize that sins should create shame, regret and remorse in our hearts'

O Allah, one day we have to die and leave this world.

O Allah, don't let our death be in any kind of sin.

O Allah, we don't know where, and when and how we are going to die; then how can we be engaged in sins ?

O Allah, Don't let the angel of death visit anyone of us when we are popping drugs into our mouths, or when we have a bottle of liquor in our hands, or when we are in a casino or an escourt agency, or in adultery and fornication, or watching some filthy movie or reading a filthy novel or magazine.'

O Allah, what kind of embarrassment and shame our families will have to suffer, and the Ummat will have to suffer. ‘As it is, so many deaths are taking place in escort agencies, in prostitute quarters'

O Allah, so many deaths are taking place in discos, cinemas, theatres and other Haraam venues.

O my Allah, protect us.

O my Allah, our souls will be extracted from every part of our bodies.

‘Dust and sand will be thrown over us.

‘We will be left alone.

‘After we are conveyed to our graves, we will journey alone. The only thing that will be the light of our graves will be A'maal-e-Sawleha .

O Allah, the gardens of Jannat (Heaven in Urdu)

will be made available for us if we have pleased You.

O Allah, make our graves, gardens from the gardens of Jannat (Heaven in Urdu).

O Allah, do not let our graves be pits from the fire of Hell.

O Allah, we have got no capital of good deeds.

O Allah, we have not built our home of the Aakhirat.

O my Allah, give us the taufeeq of doing that which is pleasing to You.

O Allah, before we leave this world, give us the taufeeq of sincere taubah.

O Allah, we read and learn the masaa`il of mayyit . We learn the masaa`il of ghusl and kafan . We have given ghusl and kafan to so many. We have seen the Janazas of so many. We have shouldered so many Janazas. We have buried so many with our own hands. We have seen our parents, our family members, our brothers and sisters of the Ummat leave, but it does not create any stir in our hearts.

O Allah, we have to go the same way. ‘Our homes will remain behind; our buildings and businesses will remain, our beautiful cars will remain; our wives and children will remain'

O Allah, our clothes will be removed from our bodies. ‘If they were tight fitting, then scissors will be used to cut through those clothes. ‘Rings will be removed from fingers. Watches and even false teeth will be removed'

O Allah, our tongues which cause so much of pain and injury to people will be silenced.

O Allah, our hands which cause so much of pain and injury will move no more.

O Allah, our feet will move no more.

O Allah, those eyes which enjoyed the filthy films, the filthy magazines, the filthy novels and the filthy porn sites on the Internet, will be able to see no more. Then those eyes will see the angels.

O my Allah, if we spent our lives indulging in sins, then the angels of Azaab will be seen.

O Allah, before the time of death arrives, give us the taufeeq of sincere taubah.

O Allah, don't let us leave this world until we have become Your Walis ‘ Your friends, and the true and sincere lovers of Rasulullah (SAW).

O Allah, before the ghusl of mayyit is given to us, give us the taufeeq of the ghusl of taubah.

O Allah, and before we are given the kafan that will cover our bodies, grant us the taufeeq of putting the garment of taqwa over our hearts.

O Allah, when the time of our death comes, take us to Madina Sharif , bless us with Shahadat in Madina Sharif, at the Raudha of my Beloved Rasul e, with ‘As-‘Salaatu was-Salaamu ‘alaika, ya Rasulullah' – on our lips.

O Allah, let our burial be in Jannat (Heaven in Urdu)ul Baqi and if this is not in our muqaddar , then O Allah, let our death be a death of barkat .

O Allah, we are asking for death in Madina Sharif and burial in Jannat (Heaven in Urdu)ul Baqi so that when the winds of Rahmat blow over Jannat (Heaven in Urdu)ul Baqi then we too may be forgiven.

O Allah, at the time of our death, show us some Tajalli of Yours, such that our souls come dancing towards You.

O Allah, at the time of our death, let the Kalima ‘La-ilaaha Illallaah' be on our tongues.

O Allah, we seek Your protection from the fitnahs of this world, the fitnahs of the Qabr and the fitnahs of Jahannum.

O Allah, let us cross the pul-siraat at the speed of lightening.

O Allah, grant us Jannat (Heaven in Urdu) without any reckoning.

O Allah, enter us into Jannat (Heaven in Urdu) in the company of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) , the Sahaba-e-Kiraam and all the righteous ones who followed them.

O Allah, grant all those who have passed away Your Forgiveness and fill their graves with noor.

O Allah, bless our parents, wives, children, brothers and sisters and all Muslims who have passed away, with Jannat (Heaven in Urdu)ul Firdaus.”