Dua for Forgiveness of our Ingratitude


Dua for Forgiveness of our Ingratitude

O Allah, that Ummat, for whom so many sacrifices were made; today that Ummat is found in discos, in cinemas, in theatres, in casinos, on porn sites, reading filthy magazines and novels, watching porn movies, in adultery and fornication, in theft, in fraud, in rape and in other crimes.

O Allah, a large number from the Ummah do not have Salaah in their lives; a large number do not have Zakaat, fasting and Haj in their lives.

O Allah, the beautiful cultural lifestyle that Rasulullah (SAW) left for us, has been forsaken by us and by our family members.

O Allah, Nabi's e teachings are no where to be seen in our homes, in our businesses and in our dealings with people.

O Allah, when our Nabi is informed, that : ‘That Ummat for whom so much of your blood was shed; that Ummat for whom you cried so much, ‘that Ummat has no concern for your blood and your tears” O Allah, then how much of pain and injury we must be causing to Your Beloved Nabi ‘

O Allah, even in his mubarak city, we do not give up sins. Just a few metres from the resting-place of Rasulullah (SAW), in hotels and homes, the filthiest of films can be viewed, the filthiest magazines and newspapers can be read'

O Allah, just a few metres from his Raudha Mubarak and a few metres from the Ka'batullah, in the foyers and rooms of hotels and in homes, the filthiest music can be heard, and the filthiest television programmes can be watched'.

O Allah, those very things which were hated in his sight, those very things which he disliked and abhorred, those are the things which have become beloved in our sight'

O my beloved Allah, the cause of Rasulullah's e pain and injury in his time were the Mushrikeen, the Yahud and the Munafiqeen. O Allah, but today, we, who are the claimants of Your Ishq and the Ishq of Rasulullah (SAW), are the cause of pain and injury to my Beloved Rasul e.

O Allah, that Ummat for whom Rasulullah (SAW) shed so much of his blood, for whom the blood of the Sahabah was shed, that Ummat for whom so many sacrifices were made' O Allah, that Ummat has become ‘Yateem'.

‘There is no one to pass a hand of affection and love over their heads anymore. Even the Muslims are unconcerned about the plight of so many brothers and sisters around the world ‘ in Kashmir, in Palestine, in Afghanistan, in Chechniya, in Kosova, in Bosnia, in Iraq and in India.”