Dua for Reformation and Purification


Dua for Reformation and Purification

O Allah, our hearts have become diseased.

O my beloved Allah, just as arteries become clogged and the heart does not function properly, in the same way, our spiritual arteries have become blocked with sins.

O Allah, when man undertakes heart transplants, then what is it difficult for You to transplant a strong and healthy spiritual heart ?

O Allah, bless us with hearts filled with the Noor of Taqwa, with the Noor of Zikr (Praise of Allah Ta'ala) and Tilawat and with Tawakkul in You.

O Allah, clean and purify our hearts.

O Allah, purify our hearts of all the evil and filth that is embedded in our hearts.

O Allah, purify our hearts of malice, of jealousy, of greed, of pride, of arrogance, of riyaa , of evil desires and passions.

O Allah, bless us with complete purification of our souls.

O Allah, man has become tired of sinning. ‘So tired that he is committing suicide.

O Allah, sins have not brought us any good. ‘A little while of pleasure and then restlessness, pain and anxiety'

O Allah, bring into our hearts the realization that sins bring nothing but restlessness and problems. And give us the courage to rid our lives of all evils.

O Allah, give us the taufeeq to shun sins from our lives.

O Allah, drench us in the rains of Your Rahmat.

‘O Allah, we have foolishly put over our heads, umbrellas of sins, which are depriving us of the rains of Your Rahmat.

O Allah, we want rahmat and barakat

to come into our lives, into our homes and into our businesses, but O Allah, how can it come when there is so much of Haraam preventing it.

O Allah, give us the taufeeq to throw out of our homes the televisions, the filthy magazines, the filthy and indecent novels and newspapers, and all the other evils that we have filled our homes with.

O Allah, give us the taufeeq of giving up all sins.

O my Allah, attach us firmly to You.

O Allah, when we stick two pages together with glue and we want to separate these pages, the pages will not separate. They will tear apart but they will not separate'

O Allah, let us as have such a strong bond with You, that when nafs and Shaytaan want to separate us from You, then we will allow our hearts to tear, but we will not allow our hearts to separate from You.

O my beloved Allah, become ours and make us Yours.

O Allah, if You are ours, then everything is ours; and if You are not ours, then nothing is ours.”