Dua for the Sacrifices of Rasulullah


Dua for the Sacrifices of Rasulullah

O my Allah, Rasulullah's e concern at all times, was nothing but the Ummat.

O Allah, he wanted to see all enter Jannat (Heaven in Urdu).

O Allah, Rasulullah (SAW) made du'aa for the Ummah, day and night.

O Allah, my beloved Nabi – how many sacrifices he made for us.

O Allah, he used to stand the entire night in prayer, until his feet swelled.

O Allah, filth was thrown on him, intestines were thrown on his back when he went into Sajda, thorns were placed in his path'

O Allah, his beloved, little daughter, Faatima, used to ask him : ‘O my father, why are they doing this to you?”

O Allah, he was stoned in Taif, at Uhud ‘.

O Allah, he was stoned so much that his shoes became filled with his mubarak blood. He was hurt and injured at so many places.

O Allah, when the blood of Your Beloved e, of my Beloved, of the Beloved of the Ummah, oozed' then how the angels must have witnessed that ?

‘But for the sake of Your precious Deen and his love for mankind, his blood was allowed to flow'

O my Allah, when he went into Sajda and cried for us, the musallah (Prayer Mat) used to become wet with his tears'

O my beloved Allah, my beloved Nabi was boycotted and ostracized for three solid years with his family. ‘The time came when they had to chew leather to survive, when they had to chew the leaves of trees to survive'

O my Allah, he was Rahmatul-lil-‘Aalameen. He dearly loved this Ummat.

O Allah, even in his last moments, there was nothing but the concern of his Ummaties

O Allah, in the Aakhirah, he will not wish to enter Jannat (Heaven in Urdu) until his Ummaties enter Jannat (Heaven in Urdu).

O Allah, for the sake of the Ummat, how much he was troubled, and how many sacrifices were made'

O Allah, we show no appreciation for his sacrifices.

O Allah, even his companions made so many sacrifices to convey Deen to the corners of the globe' but O Allah, we show no appreciation.”