Dua of Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb


Dua of Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb

“All Praise is due to Allah Ta’ala, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. Salaat and Salaam be upon our beloved Master, the Rasul and Beloved of Allah Ta’ala, the Seal of all Prophets and Mercy unto the Worlds – Sayyidina Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم.

O Allah, bestow mercy and blessings upon our beloved Rasul, Sayyedena Muhammad and upon his family, his companions, his children, his wives, his offspring, his followers and everyone from amongst his Ummat.

O Most Merciful of all those who show mercy. O the Helper of those who ask for help. O our Sustainer, who is most Generous. O The Most Forgiving.

O Ever-living and Ever-Sustaining, we beseech You for help, through Your Mercy.

There is none worthy of worship besides Allah, the Most Tolerant, Most Generous. Glory be to Allah, Lord of the Great Throne (Arsh). All praise is due to Allah, the Sustainer of the worlds. O Allah, we do seek all causes of the grant of Your Mercy and (we do seek) actions which will make certain Your Forgiveness, a full share of virtuous deeds and complete safety from sin. O Allah, let not a single sin of ours be left out from being forgiven; remove all our worries, and fulfil every need of ours which conforms to Your pleasure, O Most Merciful of all those who show Mercy.

O Our Sustainer, we have wronged our souls. If You do not forgive us and bestow upon us Your Mercy, then we shall certainly be from amongst the losers.

O Allah, forgive our sins.

O Allah, overlook our sins.

O Allah, conceal our sins.

O my Allah, how loving You are; how caring You are; how beautiful You are

O my beloved Allah, O my Raheem Allah, O my Kareem Allah, O my Haleem Allah, O my Most Forgiving Allah, O my Most Loving, Caring Allah, O my most Compassionate Allah’

‘O Allah, we are unable to praise You as we should. You are as You have praised Yourself.

O Allah, You dearly love the forgiveness of the sins of the sinners when they turn towards You in repentance.

O my beloved Allah, we are extending these hands of ours.

‘O my Allah, they are the begging bowls which You have attached to our bodies, so that we may extend them before You during any part of the day and night, and seek from You.

O Allah, we are extending our begging bowls before You.

O Allah, we are not extending these hands before an idol which cannot see, which cannot hear and which cannot avail us in anything. O Allah, our hands are extended before You, and You are All Seeing, All Hearing, All Knowing, All-Powerful

O Allah, You are the One who responds to the duas of Your servants”