Feeling Spiritually Low?


Feeling Spiritually Low?

Qabz and Bast

I have explained many times the condition of “Qabz” – that it is the spiritual “low” that saalikeen experience on occasion, whilst traversing this path of Sulook.

In this path of Sulook, there are different experiences and states that overcome one : Qabz and Bast are conditions that alternate in the heart of the Saalik, but with progress, a different level and state of heart is attained – of complete equilibrium, where there is an enjoyment without any extremes.

These conditions are typical states that overcome the heart and should thus be expected. There will be times when the Saalik experiences a spiritual “high” – more a state of spiritual ecstasy, where he is overcome by fervour and strong emotions of love for Allah Ta’ala. In this state, there is immense enjoyment in Ibaadaah, in his Salaah, Tilawat, Zikrullah, etc. The person does not want to be occupied with any other work, except be occupied with Allah Ta’ala, and continue to enjoy His communion by way of Ibaadah.

Then there are times when the saalik seems to plummet from that “high” to such a spiritual low, such a spiritual “depression”, that he does not want to do anything. He finds that he has to now force himself to carry out acts of Ibaadah. There is no enjoyment in Salaah, in Tilawat, in Zikr and the feeling is burdensome upon the heart, as if a weight is holding him down. At such a time, what should the person do?