Labour of Love


Labour of Love

” A beautiful analogy comes to mind: That this development of Taqwa or piety, this journey to gaining “nisbat” (a connection) or establishing “ta'alluq” (a relationship) with Allah Ta'ala, is very similar to that of pregnancy.

Just as in the case of those women who are expecting, each and every Saalik (Seeker of Allah Ta'ala) has a somewhat different experience; although the course of development is the same.

If we have to take, step by step, the development, course and progress of a pregnancy, then we know that when a woman conceives, then as is characteristic of a pregnancy, her menstrual cycle stops. This is generally the first change witnessed and the first sign indicating to pregnancy. Similarly, when a Saalik sincerely repents, firmly intending not to return to sins, then his taubah (repentance) is comparable to the first sign of pregnancy.

Just as the menstrual cycle stops for the woman who has conceived, the first change in the life of the one seeking Allah Ta'ala, is that sins stop when the seed of Taqwa (piety), the seed of Allah Ta'ala's Muhabbat (Love), is planted in the heart of the Saalik.

Sins are impurity in the spiritual heart, like how the blood of menstruation is impurity in the body. The seed of Taqwa is planted in the heart in different ways: By reading and understanding the Qur`aan Sharif and the noble teachings of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), or by attending the programmes of the pious learned, or by reading some authentic Islamic literature, or by participating in some work of Deen, or through one's experience of Haj or Umrah, or Ziyarah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), or some happening of significance in one's life.

This seed is instrumental in the growth, development and nurturing of the soul. This ruh (soul) is what I will refer to as the “BABY OF TAQWA” in my discussion….