Prescription for the Huffaz


Prescription for the Huffaz

Here is an easy prescription that I have given to many Huffaz who found it to be a very simple way for Dhor:

Before Fajr, read 3 Rukus of the Qur`an Sharif. After Fajr, read the same 3 Rukus. It will take + 5 minutes.

Before and after Zuhr, do the same 3 Rukus only. Then before and after Asr, Maghrib and Esha, respectively, read the same 3 Rukus.

In a day, you have done the same 3 Rukus + 10 times, allowing for some days when you cannot manage before or after.


Take the following 3 Rukus the following day and repeat as above. In six days (average), you will complete a para. On Sunday, make dhor of that para, reading a few Rukus each Salah time.

In a month, you will do + 4 paras, and in about 7 months, revision of the complete Qur`an Sharif without much effort.

Continue like this for the rest of your life, insha Allah.