Social Events - Avoiding the Fitnah


Social Events – Avoiding the Fitnah

This book comprises of advices given by Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel (rahmatullah alayh), relating to the Fitan which come with the name of Islam attached to them, or in the guise of Islam. The discussions highlight present-day Nikahs, Walimahs and other social events, which do not comply with the pure Islamic teachings.

Hazrat Maulana (rahmatullah alayh) always encouraged towards good and also advised and warned about having an indifferent attitude and being careless in the matter of Deen, since the repercussions that follow ghaflat (heedlessness) and sins are very severe. Hazrat Maulana had deep concern for the Ummah at large and continued relentlessly in his efforts of “Amr bil Ma’roof and Nahy Anil Munkar”; teaching, correcting, guiding, as well as nurturing love and appreciation for this beautiful Deen of Islam.

Hazrat Maulana would, time and again, draw our attention to the prevailing Fitan so that we also take precaution. Insha-Allah, the advices herein will benefit and guide us all as to how to conduct our Nikahs and how to conduct ourselves in the face of Fitnah.