The Masjid of Rasulullah ﷺ 


The Masjid of Rasulullah ﷺ

The Masjid of Rasulullah ﷺ 

By Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Sahib (Rahimahullah)

The Masjid of Rasulullah ﷺ  was so simple that it was made of mud walls; the roof was made of palm leaves, and the palm tree trunks were used as pillars. The entire Masjid did not have a roof, nor was there anything that covered the ground. When it rained, the roof leaked, the ground became mud, and Salaah would be performed like that. The greatest Nabi of Allah Ta'ala, the Beloved of Allah Ta'ala ﷺ, yet his Masjid was so simple.

These days, we want all the physical comforts, and thereafter, we will make Salaah. It is not easy to make everything comfortable for everyone in the Masjid. Some feel cold, others feel hot and it is not possible to adjust the fans or air-conditioners to suit all. We are supposed to become Mujahids in the Masjid – but instead, we just want ease, comfort and luxuries. Due to our weakness, we do not have such simple Masaajid. Of course, it is permissible to have a well-built Masjid, carpets, air-conditioners and so forth. However, the purpose of building Masaajid is not for the luxuries, decorative designs and architecture, or to compete with others. It is for the Ibaadah of Allah Ta'ala.

Hazratjee, Maulana Yusuf (Rahmatullahi' alayh) used to say: “In the time of Rasulullah Sallallaahu' alayhi wasallam, the Masjid was kachha (made of mud walls) but the Musallis were pakka (true and genuine). Nowadays, the Masaajid are pakka (i.e., the buildings are solid), but the Musallis are kachha (weak in the Imaan and a'maal).”

The Sahabah (Radhiyallahu ‘anhum) were solid in their Imaan. Nothing would shake their Imaan. They were able to conquer the world with their solid Imaan and solid characters. The preparation of their noble character was in the Masjid. 

Hazratjee, Maulana Yusuf (Rahimahullah) also said that we are in deception, thinking that our money governs the Masjid. We make the Masaajid elaborate and focus on material commodities for the Masjid, but it has become empty of the A'maal which were found in Masjidun-Nabawi (Sallallaahu' alayhi wasallam). We, ourselves, are not present in the Masjid; negligent with Salaah in Jamaat and even turn away from the call of the Mu'azzin, yet it is in the Masjid where our Imaan is developed. It is where our brotherhood is established. It is where our unity is cemented. So many Masaajid are built at great expense, but some are empty, and others have just a handful of Musallis, despite so many Muslims residing in those areas.

In the time of Rasulullah ﷺ, the Masjid was so simple that it did not have expenses. However, the people attended the Masjid. Their hearts were attached to the Masjid. They loved the Masjid. Besides the Jamaat Salaah, they were engaged in acquiring Ilm (knowledge), in Zikrullah (Remembrance of Allah Ta'ala), Dua and other Ibaadaat in the Masjid. There, they were also trained to become Da'ees and to strive for Deen. The Masjid was the training centre for all activities of good for the Believer. And the fruit of it was seen at Badr, Uhud, Khandaq, Fath-e-Makkah, etc. Thereafter, when the Sahaba-e-Kiraam (Radhiyallahu' anhum) went out in the world, Allah Ta'ala gave them authority and rule over vast territories. They not only conquered lands; they conquered hearts. Thousands upon thousands came into the fold of Islam.

When we compare; how contrasting our Masaajid are to the Masjid of Rasulullah ﷺ , how different we are to the Musallis who frequented the Masjid in the time of Rasulullah ﷺ – the Sahaba-e-Kiraam (Radhiyallahu' anhum); how neglectful we have become of the A'maal of the Masjid. The consequences of our heedlessness are experienced throughout the Muslim world. We are seeing the difficulties and suffering. 

Again, there is nothing wrong with having different amenities in the Masjid for our comfort, but we need to bring those A'maal alive in the Masjid, as was done in the time of Rasulullah ﷺ  and the Sahaba-e-Kiraam (Radhiyallahu' anhum). We will have to frequent the Masjid to do so; otherwise, how will we achieve this? 

When we attend the Salaah in the Masjid, engage in other forms of Ibaadah and activities of the Masjid, and accordingly live our lives in obedience to Allah Ta'ala and His Rasul ﷺ  and give up our sins, we will then invite the Pleasure of Allah Ta'ala, His Mercy, His Protection, His Help and success in both worlds. The sad state and distressing plight of the Muslim Ummah will most definitely change for the better.

May Allah Ta’ala grant us the Taufeeq of Aml.